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Pre Kindergarten Program

Saskatchewan Learning's Pre-kindergarten is a developmentally-appropriate early intervention program for vulnerable three and four year old children.
The Pre-kindergarten learning environment is caring, nurturing, culturally affirming and safe. It focuses on the development of a positive self-concept within each child. The Pre-kindergarten has an "open door" policy in which parents, caregivers and extended family members are welcome to participate in all activities, creating an atmosphere where children can learn from family members as well as the Pre-kindergarten staff.

Supports to meet the needs of Pre-kindergarten children exist beyond the boundaries of the Pre-kindergarten Program. Services from health, mental health, social services, justice and recreation, as well as supports from churches and community service agencies are needed to address the diverse needs of the children and families involved in the Pre-kindergarten Program. The coordination and delivery of integrated services is the shared responsibility of school divisions, Pre-kindergarten staff, parents, community members and the partnering agencies.

The focus on parent and family involvement in the Pre-kindergarten is key to the child's well-being and development. The benefits for children of parent involvement range from improved cognitive functioning to greater school success. Teachers benefit by gaining greater knowledge of the child, his or her family, and the community in which they reside. Parents and staff benefit by working together as role models and teachers to their children. Parent involvement outside of the classroom provides formal and informal opportunities for parents to develop relationships and engage in personal growth activities.


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